About Jack

As your Strategic Planner, Jack Di Nardo is unique in his approach and his philosophy towards financial planning: a Lifestyle Planning approach incorporating your desired lifestyle and your financial resources to design a strategy to meet your life’s goals and to assist you in building your wealth and assets.

Over twenty-eight years of experience as a financial planner was preceded by a career in sales, customer service and management training with Wilson Learning. Jack worked with Fortune 500 companies across North America for over five years.

He applies the adult learning principles from his consulting days to his interactions with clients. Using a Socratic approach to client discussions often leads to deep learning and insights. Many clients experience “aha” moments which often shifts their perspective on how the economy and financial markets really work! The result is changed client behaviour and confidence in their ability to achieve their desired lifestyle goals!

His voracious appetite for keeping up with business news and current affairs has resulted in a real talent for recognizing market and economic trends, to the benefit of his clients. This research includes, but is not limited to, World Bank, IMF, Bank of International Settlements and two economic think tanks, one in Hong Kong and one in Europe, to get as broad a perspective as possible on the global economic picture and how this impacts individual clients.

He lives in Toronto with his partner Diane Wargalla, an author and well-known psychic medium. He is a graduate of St. Michael’s College – University of Toronto. He has two adult children, Laura who works in the travel industry and is a graduate of Queen’s University, and Marc, who is building his practise as a Chiropractor in the Toronto area. Marc also offers acupuncture, custom orthotics and Active Release Therapy services.